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Tech Conferences

Before entering into the Japanese market, it’s a great start to get to know the biggest tech conferences in Japan: IVS and B Dash Camp β€” where over 500 people attend and they both take place in offsite-locations for 2-4 days.

This is the most efficient way to make quality connections in Japan in a short time since C-level people from big companies and startup founders, who are at the center of the tech industry in Japan, gather in one place. Both events are by invitation only so you need to arrange this through Japanese entrepreneur-friends.

- Infinity Ventures Summit


When: Usually occurs twice a year. 2 - 4 days.

About: Over 700 people. C-level people from big tech companies and startup founders in a good mix.

- B Dash Camp


When: Usually occurs once a year.

About: Over 500 people. More people from startups and also tech founders from other Asian countries.

- TechCrunch Tokyo


When: Usually occurs once a year.

About: Invites some entrepreneurs and investors from Bay Area for a fireside chat.

- New Economy Summit


When: Usually occurs once a year.

About: Invites high-profile entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world.