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Hire right person

- Personal Introduction
Getting introduced by someone working in Japan’s IT industry whom you know well and can trust is best.
One thing that is going to work is that you can find and talk to Japanese people working for a company in the Bay Area at some Meetup events. If you can become friends with them, some will probably be happy to help you find the right person in Japan. As mentioned in (2) in the section “6 TIPS”, it is very important to find an appropriate person for successful entry into the Japanese market.

- Tech Meetups in Tokyo
Try some meetups in Tokyo. There are lots of people from outside of Japan at these meetups so that you can ask them to tell you how they managed to start their startup/career in Japan, and where you can meet Japanese tech people who are potential members of your startup when you expand into the Japanese market. Also, Japanese people participating in that kind of events are generally good at English. In terms of meeting people responsible for developing startup businesses in Japan, there will be many opportunities to get acquainted with the ideal person. 

- Posting on Recruiting Websites
The Recruiting websites listed below are partly/wholly written in English. Since it is likely that young tech professionals will visit them frequently, trying some of them to see if they work for you or not seems like a good idea. Their basic version(not including premium features) are generally available for free.

- Consultants 
This is an article that covers things you should know before entering into the Japanese market. In this article, the author is mentioning some US based consultant agencies that have lots of experience in supporting foreign companies to develop their businesses.

- Online Virtual Assistants 
You can hire virtual Japanese bilingual assistant for relatively reasonable price when compared to real assistant. If you want someone to assign small job that requires Japanese language skill, this service is expected to work well.